Fingerprint Door Locks in India

Fingerprint door locks are secure, affordable, non-intrusive and almost fail safe, these systems don’t require you to carry a key or remember a password. You can also grant access to as many people as you want and remove their access at your pleasure.

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What are fingerprint locks?

Let’s start with the definition. Although the name itself is more explicit, a fingerprint door lock can be defined as “a system that allows access to authorized personnel by recognizing its unique fingerprints.” You’ve probably seen your countless hands once and noticed the crests and the valley pattern. Models were an important result of human evolution as they have improved our ability to take. An unintended consequence of this particular step in the evolutionary process was to give people a fantastic identification method.
Here we look at the fingerprint locks, one of the oldest and most widely used biometric deployment systems, giving a close look at the operation.

Fingerprint door locks in India

Safety has always been an important concern for people. We have gone out of the protection of valuable things in the past by keeping them in the dungeons to secure data through layers and layers of cryptographic software. In any case, ensuring our well-being has always been at the top of our list of priorities.

Through the technology, current security includes a wide range of software and hardware, including web-based security, biometrics, and personal peripherals with integrated security levels. One of the great advances in the digital age was the introduction of biometry into security.

How Fingerprint Door Lock works?

Matching the algorithm is the most important process here
  • Place your finger on scanner
  • First time it cnverts into numerical data and fingerprint template save and store in memory.
  • The next time when same person place his/her finger it matches with pre-saved values.
  • If matches then only office/home door opens
  • If someone else trying to get acees it wont allow and door remains locked

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