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Digital door lock is the most reliable and most authentic device in terms of security of your home and office. The traditional door locks are replaced by the digital door locks in the world; Especially in India. We deal in RIOO, Yale, Samsung and Gateman for the sale of their digital door locks in the country. As the best rated companies, we are committed to selling the genuine digital door locks specially made for India. We have a variety of most sophisticated digital door locks. As the local online retailer of the top rated door lock manufacturing companies, we have selected the appropriate digital locks to meet the needs of Singapore users. In addition, we believe in the quality of the products and only high-quality digital locks are available in our shop.

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Our aim is to provide affordable service to our local clients. That is why we offer affordable digital door locks with installation service in our area of coverage. Digital door locks that have a high-end features over standard electronic or keypad locks. make them extra convenient, secure touchscreens, advanced auto settings.


Digital door locks are an affordable and easy way to add key-free security to your property. we provide wide range of smart locking solution to residential, commercial, industrial security. From fingerprint door locks to easy to electronic door locks, we have the perfect products to keep your home and office property secure.
Our vision is to allow you to access your home,offices easily and in one step just press your finger on your digital lock sensor to avoid forgotten, lossing keys issue.

Digital Door Locks

Digital door locks an innovative way to secure your home

Digital door locks are an innovative way to help keep your home safe.Whether you chosse mechanical or fingerprint door locks its changing our lifestyle, leading us to a new digital era of keyless entry and can be connected to a larger smart home system to make your life easier.
  • Various access
  • Invisible keypad
  • Operation status notification
  • Voice Guide Future
  • Automatic locking
  • Alarm (Break /Damage/ Fire)
  • Low battery and emergency power
  • Remote Control (Optional)
  • One-touch Fingerprint Verification Method (Easy Biometric Scan)

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We are able to offer sales, installation and programming for a large range of digital door lock models. Get best Secured Digital Door Lock for Home & Office. Inquire to Get Discounted Cost. We have lot of electronic door locks to choose from impresive brand range such as RIOO, Samsung and etc..Digital door locks are unique, keyless, programmable locks that can be used to secure any area of your home, from your garage, to your front door, to your home office. There are several different types of digital door locks brands, each with its own uses.

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